Our Generosity
We believe our good resources create an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people both here in our city and across the globe. We’re always looking for ways to trust God more and more with what He has given us. Here are a few ways you can join in with us.

Make a difference through your generosity.

Amazing things can happen when we trust God with our good resources. Giving is an opportunity to join in with what God is doing in our city and across the globe. Here are a few simple and secure ways to partner with us!

Set Up Recurring Gift

The easiest way to give! You can set up an account in our database, Realm. Through that account, set up a recurring gift to automatically give each month.

Connect to Realm
Text To Give

Text "CRLV" with a dollar amount to 73256 in order to set up a mobile giving account!

Access Your Old Account

We recently changed databases! After setting up a new recurring gift, if you have a gift set up through Elexio, click to cancel that outdated account.

Connect to Elexio

Database Switch!

We’ve officially switched to a new database system: Realm. This new database will make online giving, kids check-in, and event registration smoother and easier than ever before! It will meet our current needs and grow with us in the future, all while keeping information private and secure.

You should have received an email inviting you to access your new Realm account. There you can set up a password, make sure all your info is up-to-date, and set up new recurring giving accounts. If you have any recurring gifts with your old account, make sure to cancel those with the button above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new database?

Our teams are always working to find the best solutions to accomplish our mission and vision as a church. Our existing database has served us well, but with limitations given our developing needs. After much evaluation and discernment, our leadership has determined that a new database system will allow for growth and better management of our information.

What is the new database called?

The new database is called Realm, which replaces our old database, Elexio.

When will this change take place?

It’s already happened! Check your email for an invite to access your new account, and check your spam folders if you don’t see it. If you didn’t receive an email, click here to set up a new account.

How will this affect my giving?

For those with recurring gifts, once you access your new account you’ll be able to set up a new recurring gift in Realm. Make sure that once you’ve done that, you cancel your previous recurring gift in Elexio here. For those who text to give, our numbers have changed! You’ll now text the word “CRLV” with a dollar amount to 73256.

How can I change my information?

Check your email for an invite from us to access your new account, and check your spam folders if you don’t see it. If you didn’t receive an email, click here to set up a new account. There you’ll be able to update or edit your information, privacy settings, giving info, and more.

Will the check-in process change for my kids?

We’ll be adding some more convenient check-in stations for your family that will make checking in easiest than ever! This new system will launch on Sept. 28 – 29. If you have children, make sure to update your info so that your check-in procedure is as smooth as possible that weekend. We’ll have team members available that weekend to assist in any way.

Can I still text to give?

Yes, but we have new instructions! Now text the word “CRLV” with a dollar amount to 73256.

We’ll see you this weekend!

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