In the last six months, how has God shown up SO undeniably in your life that you had to share it with someone around you?

This is who we are… we celebrate what God is doing… and share it with others.

In a world where news travels fast (and bad news travels fastest), we have the opportunity and the calling to be multipliers of the good that God is bringing into our lives.

No challenging season can stop God’s work in us and around us.  He is at work in us, our neighborhoods, our friends, our family, and the people of Canyon Ridge.  Our video this week helps you look across the landscape of your life and see where God is at work… in presence, practice, and people.

Let’s not let ANY good things God is doing go unnoticed, undeclared.

Let’s draw attention to God and encourage one another with stories of how God has shown up in our lives lately!

Right now!

  • Answer that question below in the comments…

In the last six months, how has God shown up SO undeniably in your life that you had to share it with someone around you?

Later today!

  • Text a friend or tell a neighbor the story you just told!
  • Pick 3 friends and tell 3 different stories.

Pull your people together and see how many others can hear stories from just your group of how good God has been.

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  • Lea Anne Van Hyfte says:

    God has shown up for me everyday. One night last week at work a customer asked me how I was getting through this time. I told him my faith gets me through. He said, “What faith?“ I said, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ. He told me he was raised that way but he was suffering with sin in his life. I witnessed to him about how Jesus came into my life, healed me and changed my life for the better. He asked me if I made amends with people and I said yes, I’ve been through a 12 step program. We also talked about baptism. It felt good to share Jesus with someone who was so hungry and thirsty for him. God showed up for two people.

  • On May 28, 2020, I had the worse physical fall of my lifetime, on a flooded tile floor, while someone in the house was earnestly striving to fix a leaking toilet, which I wasn’t aware of at the time. I severely bruised the left side of my body & the fall even opened a big cut on my forearm as well upon the impact. After arising off the floor, I was able to bandage my arm & prayed to God to sent us an angel to help us in this bad situation; & I made my way out to the street looking for my beloved mate, who has MD & was trying to turn off the water inside the house & couldn’t see what he was doing. Quickly, I saw a neighbor in his garage & sought his help. Mike A. promptly came to our aid, turned off the water, repaired the toilet with his own parts w/o charge & helped us get everything under control. We never met or seen him before, but truly he was the angel God sent to help us in our desperate time of need. Also, it took 2 mos. for my severe bruising to disappear & my knee pain also, which my doctor referred me to a orthopedic surgeon for repair…but God healed my knee without any surgery whatsoever! We praise the Lord for His immediate help, provisions & complete healing, during our personal times of need.

  • Cheri A Lyford says:

    The Lord, has truly been showering me with blessings. In May I was thinking about moving closer to my daughter and grandson. My daughter saw a family move out down the street from her and inquired if the house was for sale. It was and they were asking more than I was considering so I made my offer and it was accepted. I put my house on the market and moved June 5th. My house sold last month for what I asked to another Canyon Ridge family. I now live 7 houses,away from my grandson who rides his,tricycle to my house. I still have enough room to continue having bible study on Saturday afternoon with some awesome friends. Plus for those who know me “I have not been to the Hospital or ER this year” Thank the Lord for all his love and blessings.

  • Cheryl W says:

    Last wk. God put a young lady in my path who really believed that when we die we just go into an ‘eternal peaceful slumber’… Wow….the Holy Spirit instantly opened my heart AND my mouth…He put words in my mouth and led me to share God, His Son, and His Spirit with her…..I was then called in to see the Dr…..Please pray that God moved in her heart and soul please…it was only a few seconds but God can turn it into eternity with Him. Our God is always up to something right ?!

  • Galyn Sweeney says:

    Oh my goodness, where do I begin? We have been going through a few trials this season, but are so aware of God’s presence. Our air conditioner has given out 3 times since July 19th and each time a new compressor was installed, each of which failed. Praying that God would send someone who knows how to diagnose the problem and fix it once and for all had been an effort in futility. God didn’t want just a new compressor installed……He made sure that we would be sufficiently physically comfortable! The service company would not give us any more compressors (we used up their stock supply), so they installed a brand new air conditioning unit. Yay God!!!

    My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and we found out that one of the medicines he needed was $16,000 per month. The other medicine is over $5,000 per month. Praying that God would make a way for us, we applied for grants and so far the more expensive one has been approved. It is only through constant prayer and gratitude that this is happening. The support that we have received is overwhelming. Our Centennial Hills campus prayer warriors have been so faithful in their prayers. Cards have been sent, texts have been sent, and a surprise treat of lemon bars and German chocolate cookies from Joy and David Bailey were brought over.

    God is good always. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Sometimes I have a short memory and forget that we are not alone, and at those times, Jesus always puts someone in my path to let me know how much He loves us. Good friends, good family, Great God.

  • Barbara T says:

    God has allowed me to have my 80th birthday a few days ago. Because of the covid I was unable to celebrate with out of state family. So my daughter and sister organized a card shower for me. They put my picture in a couple local newspapers where I previously lived and made a secret facebook invite to do a short video for me. Oh my goodness, did the people respond! I received almost 50 cards and 20 of my friends and family made videos. Some of the cards came from people long., long ago in my life. What a joy and blessing. I Thank God for allowing me to be on this earth to praise and follow Him this many years and pray He will give me a few more. I plan to be more in touch with folks far away and remember to send a little note of greeting or encouragement along the way. God has sent so many wonderful people to me. I thank Him everyday. He is so good all the time.

  • drew says:

    Quick story from today… I’ve been a regular at a coffee shop for the last few years. Sadly it was closed during Covid and I didn’t really have contact info for many of my coffee friends. I have really missed seeing them… especially after a couple years of hearing about their lives and talking about God’s work in my life.

    Today I received a call from an unknown number and it was one of the people I talked to regularly! They tracked me down and knew God could help and maybe I’d know how. We meet tomorrow!

    STOKED to see God working in Faces&Places from my life even when I haven’t seen them!

  • Cheryl Werner says:

    I miss gathering and I miss People! But all if you are doing a great job during this complicated situation. Thank-you!

    • drew says:

      I miss seeing everyone as well! I’m with you… and I’m with you on the great job that teams have been doing! Let’s all pray together about when and why the right time to gather is… and pray for endurance, strength, courage, connection and transformation in the meantime.

  • Jamie harris says:

    For me I recently joined one of your bible studies and I’m not much of a talker and I’m a little shy to talk bible talk. I don’t really know to much I just know that I believe and god is working in my life always. I am truly blessed with how god has been showing up in my life and one thing about this study I am very nervous about is having to help lead our next group next week cause our person who was leading our group can no longer attend. I know nothing but good will come from it and I know God will help me through. Miss gathering at church . My son loves church but since this pandemic he has not been connected.

    • Galyn Sweeney says:

      Hi Jamie. You will do just fine. Just keep in mind that this Bible Study belongs to God. His Holy Spirit will always see you through. Just pray before you start to lead, and you will see how God just lets it flow. Praying for the study to be uplifting, encouraging, and filled with heart knowledge.

    • Dave says:

      How great that you are experiencing the presence of God in your life. I pray that you continue to lean into His Word and believe in His promises. Especially how much He loves you and will never leave you ! He will give you strength and wisdom ! Go into your Bible study with confidence that God will give you words and thoughts to share. Be honest with your feelings and God’s presence in your life and you will do fine ! Others will pitch in and help the discussion so don’t feel you have to carry the discussion! Pray for God to give you strength and wisdom. Put your time into study and preparation, He will lead you and those in attendance . God bless you !

  • Cheri A Lyford says:

    Jamie don’t fret. I was where you are in leading a bible study. I found the Lord not only was with me but put people in the group able and willing to help. God Bless and enjoy your group

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