Listening together.

We are learning so much in this season with God.  He is a faithful leader and teacher walking all of us into the new things he has in mind for each of us, all of us.

God also has new things in mind for our life together as the people of Canyon Ridge.

When we offer one another support, encouragement, inspiration, and the best of what God has given us, we all see more clearly what God is up to.

In this Vlog, we celebrate together some of the stories and discoveries we made together at recent LifeBringer gatherings… and invite one another to join the conversation in the LifeBringers Facebook Group.

Do this!

  1. Join the LifeBringers Facebook Group and make your first post TODAY!
  2. Take one of the tools you experienced at a LifeBringer Gathering and share it with your family, group, and friends. If you missed the gathering, you will find these tools released soon on the LifeBringer Facebook Group.
  3. Talk with others about times in life when you listened to God alone, with others, and in circumstances around you. Help one another learn how to listen to God well!
  4. What Scriptures come to mind when you think about listening to God in these ways? Share them with your family and friends, or spend time with those Scriptures in Discovery Bible Study with a few others.

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