LifeBringers want the life of Jesus to break into every person we meet, including us! When people live with Jesus as King, God is honored and people THRIVE!

We are learning more and more that the life Jesus has in mind for us breaks into us and others in powerful ways right at the edge, or beyond, of our comfort zone.

Here are a few stories of LifeBringers we heard recently that will challenge you to step to the edge of comfort and watch the kingdom grow.

Try this!

  • Join the Life Bringers at Canyon Ridge Facebook group.
  • Post a story of what happened recently when you stepped to the edge of your comfort zone!
  • Talk with your family or friends about times you have been stretched in sharing your faith or obeying what Jesus said. Celebrate the wins! Pray through the challenges!

Who do you know that needs to be challenged to the edge of their comfort zone? Send them this video and invite them to a conversation.

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