This week, we are sending you a VLOG and an INVITATION. The conversation we begin in this 5-minute Vlog will continue in the 75-minute interactive gathering with other LifeBringers on November 21 and 22.  Both will help us respond to this truth:

God created us AND Jesus commissioned us to be multipliers!

I hope you will jump into both!

Each of us has insight to offer others, as well as wisdom to receive from God and others, so join the Vlog conversation, and join us at our second LifeBringers Gathering NEXT weekend, November 21-22.  Register HERE!

In the Vlog and our gathering, we will explore:

  • What does multiplication mean…for each of us?  for our families and friends and neighbors? for our church now and in the future?
  • AND…How do we get better and better at being multipliers?

Multiplication is not just an idea or a method.  It is a way of relating and a skillset we can learn and grow in…

  • to serve our families and our friends.
  • to ensure a legacy of values and impact in generations of our family and generations of followers of Jesus.
  • to see neighborhoods and cities come alive in Jesus because of the Gospel and God’s people.

From Genesis 1-3 to Matthew 28 to 2 Timothy 2 and more… God is inviting us to join Him in multiplied, exponential impact.  Let’s not settle for less!

Try this!

  • Register for a LifeBringers Gathering at Canyon Ridge on Nov. 21 or 22!
  • Join the LifeBringers at Canyon Ridge Facebook group.
  • Explore multiplication in your life with these two questions…
    • What life skills or hobbies have you taught someone else so well that they could pass it on to others? Post some of yours in the comments!
    • What did you have to do to be sure they were prepared to pass it on to others? Talk about your answers with a family member or friend.
      • Go NEXT LEVEL and teach something new to someone around you in a way they can pass it on to others.
  • Memorize 2 Timothy 2:2. Take it a step further by drawing a picture that illustrates this verse.

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