Moving Forward

Updates and information on the re-entry to our physical campus.

A Message from Pastor Drew:

May 23, 2020

In the wake of this week’s Presidential announcement calling governors to release houses of worship to open this weekend, many new questions have been raised about when Canyon Ridge will open our doors to gather.

We will not be opening doors this weekend, or for weeks to come. We will continue to hold services online and encourage everyone to gather family, life-groups, and neighbors to worship together as guidelines for each stage allow.

As grateful as I am for the acknowledgement that the spiritual aspect of our lives is essential, this freedom still comes with responsibility.

Schools are not available for our Providence and Centennial Hills Campuses. Our Lone Mountain campus was not designed for social distancing. And beyond the logistics of our spaces, there is the way we interact with one another at our campuses…

Simply said, the way we gather (singing loud, gathering close, high-fives, handshakes, and hugs) does not work with social distancing.

We will continue to gather in homes, watching and planning for the very best way to be US, together on a campus for worship.

As we go, I know many will have different opinions and preferences about when and how we gather. Many leaders are offering their VERY best to honor God and serve the people of our city in these decisions.

I have a request for ALL of us: pursue unity!
All of us have different opinions about reopening, different relationships to risk, and different understanding and value of gathering in large groups. This is an opportunity for all of us to have grace and patience for one another, to hold our preferences loosely, and make the most of the time and places we are in.

I am confident God is working good for all of us, even as the way we are gathering has changed. Let’s be clear: the church has never closed, even if the doors have. Our church will continue to support one another and give our very best to bring life in Jesus’ name to our city.

See you online for now, and at the right time, in person.


When will we be able to meet on campus again?

At this time, we don’t have a date. We continue to follow and abide by the local, state and national directives. One day, we will be able to gather without restrictions or limitations. However, that is farther off than we would like it to be. Some of the protocols and restrictions may exclude people or drastically limit what we are able to offer. We will look for when opening our doors makes as much sense as possible.

Will the Providence and Centennial Hills campuses be able to meet in person?

Since both of those campuses rely on a decision from the Clark County School District, our initial efforts and planning will be directed towards the Lone Mountain campus as we watch what happens with the school district.

Are the offices open?

Not currently. Our campus is closed for on-site gatherings, events and appointments.

Can I still plan a wedding or a funeral?

While we can’t meet on campus right now, you may be able to book a wedding or memorial service in the future. Please email Denise Kasarjian for details.

What about off-site events like student camps or events?

At this time, in accordance with state and local protocols, all of our off-site trips and events are cancelled through the summer. We will be updating our families and students with some alternate options in the weeks to come.

If you have more questions you can email us at