Moving Forward

Updates and information on the re-entry to our physical campus.

June 26, 2020

We continue to evaluate and determine our re-gathering plans. Since no additional changes to the previous directives for churches have laid out by our local and state government, we will not yet reopen our campus.

We encourage people to gather with friends and family in homes for life-group and online-only services. Staff and leadership teams are continuing to meet and develop safe and helpful protocols so that when the opportunity is right to meet in person, we’ll have a head start. We can’t wait to be back together with you!

May 30, 2020

A Message from Pastor Drew:

In this important video, Lead Pastor Drew Moore updates us on when we will gather again, how Canyon Ridge is responding to the developing needs of our city, how we are weathering and preparing for the financial impact of Covid-19, and implications of this season for our Centennial Hills and Providence campuses.

Here are some timestamps to help with a quick reference to specific areas of the talk you may want to reflect on.
Intro: 0:00

Re-Entry: 0:48

Community Response: 3:19

Financial Update: 4:35

Centennial Hills & Providence Campuses Update: 6:18

Conclusion: 8:50

Centennial Hills & Providence Campus FAQ’s

What factors led to the decision to regather our campuses at our Lone Mountain location?

We are always asking: “What are the wisest and most effective things we can do with the resources that God has provided to us?” Because the availability of school district facilities is uncertain, and because of the uncertainty around future financial resources, we believe the wisest move is to maximize the use of the resources God has given us for gatherings – our Lone Mountain campus.

Once we are able to meet again in person, how long will we be meeting at Lone Mountain?

We will all gather as one campus for the foreseeable future.

Have we considered other locations for the campuses to meet?

Yes. When we launched our Centennial Hills and Providence Campuses, our best options for location and cost were schools, which came with the need to work within the availability offered by CCSD. We did not imagine that the schools would become unavailable for these reasons.

What will Pastor David and Pastor Chad and the campus staff members do?

Our campus pastors and staff members will continue to serve at Canyon Ridge as we navigate through this season. We are working through the process of determining the right staff assignments as we learn more about our new organizational and financial realities.

Will our volunteer teams still have roles to fill?

There will always be opportunities to serve! David and Chad will be working with campus teams to find places to serve in our church and in off-campus serving opportunities.


When will we be able to meet on campus again?

At this time, we don’t have a date. We continue to follow and abide by the local, state and national directives. One day, we will be able to gather without restrictions or limitations. However, that is farther off than we would like it to be. Some of the protocols and restrictions may exclude people or drastically limit what we are able to offer. We will look for when opening our doors makes as much sense as possible.

Are the offices open?

Not currently. Our campus is closed for on-site gatherings, events and appointments.

Can I still plan a wedding or a funeral?

While we can’t meet on campus right now, you may be able to book a wedding or memorial service in the future. Please email Denise Kasarjian for details.

What about off-site events like student camps or events?

At this time, in accordance with state and local protocols, all of our off-site trips and events are cancelled through the summer. We will be updating our families and students with some alternate options in the weeks to come.

If you have more questions you can email us at