Perhaps the greatest opportunity to join Jesus and bring life is just outside your front door.  Shelter-at-home has us in our neighborhoods more than ever.  Which is challenging… but also AWESOME… because Jesus said, “Love your neighbor.”  Let’s consider together what God might be up to in this season… and tell each other great stories of what God is up to in our neighborhoods.

  • Post some stories from YOUR neighborhood in the comments.
  • Ask God what he is up to in your neighborhood and what he would have YOU DO.
  • Read through “The Art of Neighboring” by Pathak and Runyon.
  • Spend more time out front greeting and engaging neighbors safely.

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  • Bobbie Jackson says:

    I’ve been living in my complex a little over a year & directly across from me is an elderly couple & their daughter, we’ve always said hi & been friendly but our relationship had never gone anywhere & than last week i just decided to buy them breakfast the smile on their faces when they opened the door just brought tears to my eyes.

    • drew says:

      That’s awesome! Way to be bold and generous! Do you have another step in mind?

      • Bobbie Jackson says:

        Thanks Drew! Our relationship has definetly changed since. Really no next step just going to continue to be friendly, gave them my phone number & told them if there was anything i could do to help them just to let me know.

  • Hyla Winters says:

    Guess depending on how you define neighbor, my grandkids live in Colorado and California. I have felt God nudging me to leave a legacy of love of the Lord with my grandkids. Yesterday, I had the privilege of doing a Discovery Bible study with my 12 year old grandson in California. He showed up at our Zoom with his Bible in hand so I knew I needed to follow through. Using the resources on the CRCC website, we read through the creation story (I made him read first) and then talked about God’s creation and our responsibility to care for it. My daughter also shared that the 7 year old granddaughter had just last week shared the resurrection story with her stuffed animals. She was the teacher, animals the students and she used the visual aid of the resurrection eggs I had gifted a few years back. Thank you God for keeping me faithful.

    Now I’m off for another round of baking banana bread for neighbor distribution!!!! Crazy times, crazy world, but an awesome God!!!!

  • Kristy says:

    I was not familiar with the book “The Art of Neighboring”. Yesterday, I was listening to the Focus on the Family podcast and the authors were guests. They have a new PDF out called “The Art of Neighboring Covid-19 Tool Kit”. You can get it at the Focus on the Family website. The podcast has some practical ideas about being a good neighbor. I’m glad I listened to it.

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