Tension is not comfortable.  Yet tension is a GREAT place to depend on and be shaped by God together.

We are navigating LOTS of unavoidable tension these days.

  • How much “alone” can we take and when can we be together?
  • When to use digital interaction instead of physical presence?
  • How much are we drawn to what’s known versus embracing something new?
  • Can we grieve limits while embracing opportunity?

God will meet us and SHAPE us in these tensions.  We don’t have to settle for an either/or mentality.  And we don’t have to wait for “normal.”

Let’s embrace the tensions by inviting God to do ALL he wants in this season.

Spend some time with God talking through the 4 tensions.

  • Talk with your people (family, friends, neighbors) about how they are navigating these tensions. Share what God is teaching you about one or more of them.
  • Consider putting the “4 tensions” on your fridge with a magnet marking where you are on any given day.
  • Post your something you are learning from God in these tensions in the comments.

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  • Hyla Winters says:

    Drew and the Leadership Team: This time of connecting via vlog, Facebook, Online Church, You Tube has been such an inspiration. I honestly feel more connected to Canyon Ridge than I did when showing up to a physical space. The ladies in my WOW group have continued to meet beyond our May 7 end date via Zoom. Sharing Discovery Bible Study with these ladies has been such an encouragement. Just when I’m weary of another Zoom interaction, I show up and am touched by the stories, laughter, praises and prayers. I’m finding my prayer life has seized the opportunity of praying via text, email, etc. A friend lost her brother during this pandemic (not due to COVID). I found myself praying for her to feel God’s presence during her time of grief via text message. Am continuing to be in awe of the picture she sent me after that prayer of a vivid rainbow of color on her living room carpet. She stated she had never seen such a thing. God is alive and listening/reading our texts. He must be so amused at watching us identify creative opportunities to share His love with others. Keep up the good work. The church is God’s people and you are leading us well!!!!!!

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