Hearing is an ok teacher.  Watching is pretty good.  But DOing is next level!

God shapes us not only in the hearing of new information, but in applying that to real-time action in our lives.  As we DO what God has said, we encounter Him and find many things to celebrate.

Listen in on the stories of people what people experienced as they did what God seemed to be saying in their Discovery Bible Study.

  • Tell a friend or family member a story of how God SHAPED you the last time you DID what He said.
  • Look at a Scripture this week with a friend or your family. Commit to a costly, tangible step to DO what God seems to be saying.  You can find a great format and Scripture to get started at www.canyonridge.org/dbs
  • Spend some time talking and thinking with God and your people about when it has been hard to DO what God is telling you. How can you help one another to obey God in costly, shaping ways?

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  • Dolores Barrett says:

    Dearest Pastor Drew:

    What do I do to help? I am a 79 years old, not a member of life group at the moment, not a volunteer at the moment have done ti all.

    It seems that us, seniors, would be involved in ways that are beneficial to others and ourselves.

    How about a book club, faith based authors, online, since it is the way that seems to be happening at this time.

    Technical knowledge, not my preference, willing to learn, never too old to learn.

    Young families are group of need for sure, however I have felt that us seniors are just there, giving hoping to volunteer in a place that is good for us and others, however, I personally feel a need to be uplifted, a way to help that is good for us and others.

    Prayerfully, Dolores Barrett (attending every Sunday, for over four years)

    • Drew says:

      I’m so sorry to have missed this comment. Thank you! For your insight here. I will be asking Kevin Williams to reach out to you ASAP. Pls forgive the delay in response!

  • Good morning Dolores,
    My name is Kevin Williams and I am the Pastor of Traditions at Canyon Ridge. I am so grateful to read of your willings to serve and share hope with others. I would love to spend some time talking with you about your ideas and possibly point you in a direction that would be a blessing to you and others. You can reach me by email at kwilliams@canyonridge.org

    Blessings,Kevin Williams

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