I hope that’s true! Because there are some awesome things happening across our church.  Check out the cool stories in today’s video and tell us ALL some great stories in the comments.

While we are at it, instead of replicating, let’s take the inspiration from one another’s stories and invite God to help us innovate in our own lives!

God is endlessly creative and entirely with us… these stories are only the beginning!

  • Tell some stories we can celebrate with you in the comments.
  • Take some time to celebrate by telling stories with your people… family, friends, life group, … use this question if it helps, “What is the smallest thing and the biggest thing you have seen God do lately?”.
  • Take one of the stories from the comments or the video and TELL someone who isn’t expecting it… a neighbor, coworker, etc… and pray for God to open doors to more convos.
  • Which story from the comments or video strikes you the most? Ask God how something similar could happen in your life.

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  • Natalie Sanchez says:

    I’m inside the Covid unit working and by the grace of God I haven’t been sick and I think God sent me here to pray for each one of my patients.

    • drew says:

      Thank you for what you do Natalie. After a week in CVCU last year, I have a whole new appreciation for what medical professionals provide. I can’t imagine how heightened that is in this season. Thank God you are healthy and thank you for what you do.

  • Carla Begin says:

    I have moved from Las Vegas but was able to still connect with Canyon Ridge by the DBS groups. A couple of weeks into our group, I had a feeling that one member was going to a dark place emotionally. I hadn’t been able to reach her in a week. We usually attend Saturday service online together. Since I’m not in vegas, I reached out to another of our group members with my concerns. She and her husband immediately drove across Las Vegas to check on this sister. Turns out she was ok but that she had lost the power cord to her phone and couldn’t afford to replace it. The husband just so happened to have a spare that fit her phone in his truck. They FaceTimed me once they were together and I cried tears of relief.
    We aren’t just people who love canyon ridge. We are the hands and feet of Christ. Watching out for one another during this crazy time. I’m so grateful for DBS and the sisters God has brought into my life.

  • Elizabeth Bronzie says:

    Drew I have been online every week and without your services I’m not sure where I would be, Along with my small group, Life is good. We really need the Church at this time.(Canyon Ridge). One of the sisters in christ called me just to make sure I was doing ok. We talked like we were best friends, What a great job Canyon Ridge is doing durning this time. I’m so proud to call this church home. Thanks Betty Bronzie

  • Jocelyn says:

    We were able to bless a family with groceries and also give through ministries to hungry people in Asia, Africa, and Peru during this time, thanks to God’s provision.

  • Barbara Tripp says:

    Pastor Drew, I am so grateful for each and every Sunday message and your weekly vlogs. I look forward to these & really don”t know where I would be without the encouragement form them. . I also received a note from someone that I don”t even know on Mothers Day. It was nice to know someone cared. A few weeks ago you mentioned that your wife was reading a book ” Help Thank Wow” I was intrigued , so I ordered it from Amazon. I finished reading it today. It was a great book and very easy reading. Thank your wife for the inspiration. I am certain it will help me in my prayer life. Just knowing those three words are simple prayers that God hears & that one does not have to say elaborate words.. I posted a couple reminder notes in my house ( on the fridge and in bathroom mirror) that simply said Help Thank Wow. Not sure this is the place to leave this note but just wanted you to know how grateful I am. God Bless you & your family. Stay Safe & well.in the name of Jesus I pray.

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