We know the difference is in the doing.  This week, 3 people tell stories of simple action steps they took to DO what Jesus is saying.

A little costly?  Maybe. A little risky? Probably.

But listen to the things God is doing IN them and AROUND them!

Get in the mix with us and share stories that inspire us! We’ll celebrate with you!

  • Which action from Erin and Jay’s teaching on June13-14 did you take? Tell the stories or commit to making plans with your people (family, friends, neighbors)!
  • Sit as a family at dinner and tell inspiring stories you know of people DOing what God was telling them.

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  • Hyla Winters says:

    Over these past couple of weeks, I have been searching and praying for God to show me what I need to learn/observe/understand about this protest movement that has erupted throughout this nation. I reached out to a retired Metro police officer for his understanding about the challenges and rewards of being a police officer in these trying times. It was a wonderful conversation and with Pastor Drew’s encouragement this past Sunday, I wrote notes of thanks to those I know personally who are serving our community in law enforcement. I just wanted them to know I appreciate their dedication. I have also reached out to a black family within Canyon Ridge to start that difficult conversation about what I need to know about living as a person of color in our current society. God opened the door for that conversation to start. This beautiful family assigned me some homework to prepare my mind for our future conversations. I will be eternally grateful. This week I also made myself accountable by reporting on what homework I had completed and what remained to be completed.

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