We often want a change in circumstance.  God is stronger… He changes our heart to stand in any circumstance.  This week we kick off a multi-week thread on the key to moving from a survival mentality to a thriving mentality.

We begin by quieting ourselves long enough to look around and ask… where am I in survival mode? God, where am I NOT thriving?  God, what do you have in mind?

This will require time… unhurried, agenda-less, quiet, listening time with God.  It is worth the cost!

When we get calm and quiet with God,  we experience Jesus’ strength that allows us to do “all things” (Phil 4:13).  We find our way to the key difference between survival and thriving… contentment.

Try this!

  • Talk with your family about how surviving and thriving are different for you… especially in this season.
  • Work together with friends and family to make time for EACH of you to get some retreat time with God. Unhurried, agenda-less, listening with God.
  • After each of you has had time, talk together about what you are hearing from God.
  • Check out the book Wilderness Time by Emilie Griffin. It’s a GREAT (and short) book.  She provides great insight into why and how to retreat with God.

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  • Heidi Holmes says:

    So perfect! Love how God works. As I sit here late at night with my lists for my yearly solo 5 day camping trip, I see this video pop up, God wink! Can’t wait to start my time for He and I.

  • Heidi Holmes says:

    Welllllll, no hikes 😬. This girl needs to get back in shape for that! Sadly Drew when I was in school for phlebotomy I stopped walking, which was my jam walking or hiking. School became either at school, or home studying type a thing. So almost 2 years later, that excuse is gone LOL. However listening to you I’m always inspired and trying get myself going again. But, to answer your question, this trip was a time to be in nature (my Xanax) and to have some much needed alone time with God😊. Camp was on Mt Charelston.

    Thank you for asking, blessings upon you and your family. And may God carve out that next special space of refreshment in his presence soon. 🏕 🏔🏜 🌲

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