Plenty of people are making statements.  But questions are where we find real potential. In our journey from survival to thriving, we need new perspective, the help of others, and different action.  All of these can be found just on the other side of a REALLY strong question.

We have been learning a few things about how helpful questions can be.  Catch 3 of our learnings in this video… and share yours with us!

Catch the highlights here on the Vlog.

Try this!

    • In the comments, finish this sentence… “A great question can…”
    • Tell someone a story (or tell us in the comments) about a time when a question changed your direction.
    • Work with a family member or friend to shape a really strong question. Invite a few others into a conversation about it and see how many other great questions come up.

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  • Barbara Lamoureux says:

    God is prompting me to have a PERSONAL relationship with him, and not to rely on the convenience of “borrowing” a relationship from friends and family

  • Shelley Paulson says:

    I love this concept- thank you Pastor Drew If we remain curious , we are open to learn from others AND what God wants to teach us. The posture of being open and curious instead of closed and out to prove I’m right is so freeing. I feel so loved when someone asks me a question- it tells me they really care.

    • Drew Moore says:

      Curiosity is strong isn’t it! thanks for highlighting that. Curious for what God is doing. Curious about the lives of others. Very helpful.

  • Paula Mitchell says:

    “What is God teaching you?” This powerful question caused me to focus on being fully present in the moment, and making time every day for prayerful reflection. Thank you Drew, for asking me this question about 15 years ago as we served in DR. #lifechanging

  • Angela Parochniak says:

    Sipping my morning coffee contemplating this conversation starter….”A great question can….” and trying to pinpoint exactly what I want to fill in the blanks with. My 11 yr old (who is playing Minecraft) is uddled up next to me so I ask her for input. Her swift, natural response…..”A great question can help someone else” (like, duh). Man. Insightful and so true! Great questions can open dialogue between people that leads to light bulb moments, human connection, and ultimately, help to one or many who may have been struggling through something.

  • Hyla Winters says:

    A great question can shift my focus on “why” something happened and focus on “what can I take and move forward with”. This week, as part of my assignment from my OLLI class at UNLV, I watched a TED Talk about self-awareness. The speaker challenged me to think about whether I seek to understand the “why” of things that have happened; and to begin to ask the “what” can I learn to move forward. As my husband and I are preparing to sell our home and buy something else, God’s perfect timing in The Blue Book this week has centered on trust. So, I am making the good faith effort to trust God, not so much to help me understand why our house has not yet sold; but rather to trust Him with what He is calling me to do to move forward. Scary but building my trust muscles.

  • Courtney McFee says:

    My son and his fiancée (also Ridgers) had to cancel their original wedding plans due to the virus. Determined to get married, they persevered! As soon as we could make plans we did. God provided every single detail, person and need in the whirlwind of planning! Despite what came against us even the day of the wedding, she walked down the aisle on time and they are very happy newlyweds!!!

  • Hyla Winters says:

    In the midst of exercising my trust muscle over the sale of our house (we already bought another new house), the Holy Spirit prompted me to make a list of all the times God has been faithful to me in the past. Helped settle my anxiety about this huge risk jump we are taking. Then, today, in the midst of all my purging, packing and selling “stuff” from our collection seasons of life, a gentleman came to buy something I had advertised on FB Marketplace. When asked what else we had, wouldn’t you know he and his wife collected pulleys of which we had a box full. Only God could have provided that gentleman on this day at this time in our lives. Once again, God proved Himself faithful to me in this midst of all these “collectibles”. That couple were blessed and we were blessed with not having to move such heavy and bulky items. God is so good!!!!!!!

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