Too much of one or the other and we fail to grow.  In a season when our lives seem marked by constant change, how do we embrace disruption and grow in our faith because of it? (Hint… part of the answer is stability.)

With the help of Ridger Stan Ens, an electrical engineer by training, we will explore the upsides of disruption and why it may be the best context to grow. AND we’ll remember where our stability really comes from.

Three GREAT questions to ask…

  • Change Reaction Time: How quickly do respond to the need for change?
  • Change Magnitude: How big of a change is needed?
  • Change Acceptance: How am I embracing or resisting change?

Try this!

  • Identify some recent changes that have come into your life. Reflect on the 3 questions above. Talk with God about your responses.
  • Choose 1 of the 3 questions and write and commit to an action to take, that you and God agree will grow your faith.
  • Have a conversation about change and stability with your family, friends, neighbors or group using the 3 questions above.

Who could you talk with about your stability coming from God?  Ask God to call someone to mind and commit to sharing with them in the next 48 hours.

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