If thriving is ever going to be an option, then we must begin where we are.  Last week we gave effort to quieting ourselves with God.  When we do this, we open ourselves to what’s really going on.  What can often be masked by busyness comes out when we slow down and quiet ourselves.  What do we do with that?

We’d love to skip right to acceptance and contentment… but there are steps and stages to navigating loss.  A Life-Bringer, Carrie Hawkins brings us up to speed on the stages of grief and offers great insights to working through the loss we have been experiencing.

Catch the highlights here on the Vlog.

Try this!

  • Share in the comments how you have navigated loss and moved toward contentment.
  • Talk with your people (family, friends, life group, neighbors) about how grief has been a journey in recent weeks. Tell them how.
  • What ways have you tried to embrace or deny the losses we have experienced in this season? Talk through them with a friend.
  • Make a plan and tell one of your people which of Carrie’s steps you will implement this week.
  • Check out this worship session shaped around Lament by Jeremy Lopez… https://youtu.be/P1qGtW9GFQM

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  • Galyn says:

    Always what I need when I need it. This was not just for me, but a great way to respond and share with those who are feeling the same way. When I go grocery shopping, I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me to someone and ask them how I can pray for them. One young woman asked me to pray for contentment for her and now not only have I prayed, but I can give her some actual God based tools to help her along. Thank you, Carrie, for putting your finger on what seemed an illusive and vague subject and bringing it to light with simply great tools and suggestions.

  • misty says:

    Aloha, I know this is a bit late. I recently lost my only grandma I have ever known, thankfully we knew it was coming. She wasn’t in any pain, not suffering from any virus or disease. Amen! what helped was talking about her and knowing she is in a better place. The hope I will see her again.

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