Life-bringers care deeply about what God is doing in Las Vegas and beyond through us, the people of Canyon Ridge. Here is a conversation to have with God and the people you love as the new year begins.

Reflect on our life-bringing in 2020, and prayerfully dream about the impact we can have in 2021.

Let’s look through the lens of 2 of the good things that God brings to us and two locations he invites us to multiply.

Use the diagram from the video and the 4 questions below to think about the impact God has had through you this year. Talk it over and celebrate with your people (family, life-group, etc.).

  1. How did my good resources shared with others (money and stuff) bring life in Jesus’ name in 2020?
    a. In my neighborhood?
    b. With our church Canyon Ridge?
  2. How did my good strength (time, talent, skills, attention) bring life in Jesus’ name in 2020?
    a. In my neighborhood and other faces & places?
    b. With Canyon Ridge?
  3. Who were the life-bringers I partnered with in 2020?
  4. What is God stirring up in me as I look over this reflection?

Celebrate all the good! Receive any challenge or correction from God as an invitation to a different 2021.

Now… pray and dream (with your people) about 2021! Imagine it’s the end of 2021, and you are answering the same questions… how would you hope to answer? Commit to a first step in the direction of what God is inviting you to in 2021.

Try this!

  • Take a few minutes to pray for opportunity and boldness to invite people around you (Faces & Places) to a next step.
  • Join the LifeBringers at Canyon Ridge Facebook group.
    • What is God teaching as you reflect on Life-bringing in 2020?
    • What is your first life-bringing step for 2021?
  • Parents, grab your kids and walk them through the same exercise. It is a great way to help them receive affirmation, invitation and challenge from the Spirit!
  • Memorize John 10:10.

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