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Some helpful tools to support and encourage your kids!
Below you’ll find some great worship, Bible stories, and activities for your kids to use on the weekend of during the week. Some can even be done over a family dinner, like Discovery Bible Study.
Here you’ll find links to resources for you and your kids to experience and worship together. There are guides with lessons you can read with your kids, full of scriptures and teachings for kids of different ages, in addition to worship videos, teachings, and more. You choose the best resources that meet your family’s needs and new schedule. If something work well for you, be sure to share it with some friends who could benefit too!

Kids Resources

Each week we will provide videos and lessons for your preschool and elementary kids. Watch the videos with your kids, and talk each the lesson with them.
Family Connection Activity
Download the Kids Prayer Book (43 MB)

Discovery Bible Study: Family Guide

Click the box below to download the Family Discovery Bible Study guide.
DBS Family Guide
Example of a Discovery Bible Study conversation.

Weekend Programming:

We have linked Curriculum Videos and Lesson Guides that mirror our “normal” Kids on-campus weekend programming. We have also linked parent and student resources that can be used to reinforce the lessons (or as easy family activities) throughout the week.

Recommended Resources:

Here are some links to resources that might be helpful for your family. We are updating this section often for content that might ease some of the difficulties found in this season, so check back regularly!

RightNow Media

At RightNow Media, you can access videos and teachings for your kids and students. We will update the site regularly with content during this time!
RightNow Media