This Christmas, let’s show up, invite and follow up. Bringing life to our families, neighbors, and our city involve all three!

We show up ready to be present and listen, praying for wisdom and opportunity to point people toward Jesus. We can celebrate what God’s doing in them and share what God is doing in us.

We take risks to invite people to the best next thing. Our first instinct will be to invite them to a Christmas service. And that’s a great invite, but it’s not our only option. Inviting people to more time with us, to check out a digital resource or service that helped you, or a Christmas gathering or Life Group might be the right next step.

The most often forgotten step is follow up. Whatever you invite people to can be helpful. But it’s your relationship and interaction with them that will help them take a step. After all, they trusted you enough to say yes! Who better to listen well, celebrate what God is doing, AND help them toward their next step.

This Christmas specifically, and the pandemic in general, provide a great context to reach out, check in on people, and invite them toward Jesus.

Try this!

  • Take a few minutes to pray for opportunity and boldness to invite people around you (Faces & Places) to a next step.
  • Join the LifeBringers at Canyon Ridge Facebook group.
  • Multiply the impact: Who will you challenge to invite others well using these 3 steps?
  • Follow up with someone you invited recently. These simple, but strong questions may help…
    • What was important to you about what you experienced?
    • What do you not want to forget about it?
    • Can I share with you what’s important to me about it?

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