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Hearing What God Is Saying: Wherever You Are.

One of the best ways to hear what God is saying right now is to look at what he has said in the Bible with a few friends. Discovery Bible Study is an easy-to-use way to hear from God, make good changes in our lives, and share with others what God is up to.

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Here’s some helpful structure on Discovery Bible Study



To begin the study, each person answers these questions:

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What is causing stress for our neighbors and people around us?
  • What can we as individuals or as a group do to help?


  • Have someone retell the story from your previous meeting.
  • Did you live out your response from last week?
  • Did you tell anyone else about the story from last week?

DISCOVER What God Is Saying:

Read and Retell the Bible Story:

  • One person reads the story out loud to the group.
  • Someone else in the group retells the story in their own words as they remember it, and others fill in what’s missing.

Read and Look:

  • Read the passage again (different version if possible)
  • What does this passage say about God, Jesus, or His plan?

Read and Look Again:

  • Have 1-2 more people retell the story as if they were telling a neighbor outside their home.
  • What does this passage say about people in general?

DOING What God Is Saying:

Let's Consider...

  • What in me needs to change to better DO what God is showing me today?
  • How will you respond to/obey this passage in a tangible, perhaps even costly ways in the next 48-72 hours?
  • Have someone record these for prayer time, and for the beginning of the next meeting.

SHARING What God Is Saying:

Praying Together

  • Take prayer requests
  • Pray together


  • Who in your life needs to hear this story?
  • Who could you invite to study the Bible like this?

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