How Can We Pray For You?

We would love to join you in prayer for whatever you might be facing. Our Prayer Team joins together in prayer for all the requests we receive. Click here to tell us how we can be praying for you.


In our Canyon Ridge Prays Together Facebook Group, you can join in with our community as we pray for our city together. You can submit public prayer requests there, and pray as others post their requests right away. 

Emergency Pastoral Care

If you need to speak to a pastor about a spiritual, emotional, or relational issue, please call 702.658.2722 and press 3. We can talk with you, pray with you and help you navigate what you’re facing.

21 Days of Prayer

While our 21 Day journey as a church has concluded, you can still download the 21 Days of Prayer Book and go through it on your, with your family, or with a group! As you start your journey, we encourage you to do a few things:
Take 1 day during this Journey to Fast and Pray
-Pray for 3 people you want to take a step toward Jesus
-Invite at least 1 other person to join you on the Prayer Journey
Below, you’ll find our 21 Days of Prayer Book. Download it and read it on your device, or you can print it out to read through it at home. Each day begins with a centering prayer to focus in and silence our minds, as well as scripture, a reflection, and action steps for that day.
We also have a version of the 21 Days of Prayer Book for Kids that you can also find below!