God is always up to something… in us, and through us.  We only need a willingness to see and helpful lenses to look through.  Today we offer 3 common thoughts, reframed as fresh lenses to see what opportunities God is offering us to bring life to the faces and places we see around us!

Let’s move from…

…what we don’t know to what we do know.

…who we miss from before to who we see now

…what’s being said to what God’s been saying.

Try this!

  • Inspire us all! Share a story of God’s work in you and your faces and places here on the vlog and with people around you.
  • Spend time with friends and family talking describing the people you are interacting with lately. Ask God together for eyes to see the life you can bring to them.
  • Take a RISK… share what God’s been saying to you lately with a neighbor or coworker. Go one step further and invite them to look at a story from the life of Jesus with you.
  • Revisit the sermon series Face & Places or Steve Carter’s book This Invitational Life for inspiration to bring life to those around you this fall.

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