Joining Jesus…
Step 1: Hear from God.
Step 2: Do what He says, especially when it’s costly.

God is always inviting us to be made new.  This doesn’t happen by only hearing or understanding. We are made new as we DO what God is saying.

Want to be made new?  Listen AND do.

Discovering what God is saying to us is so important! Listening is part of that… but to fully discover (and the only way to be changed by what he’s saying) is to DO it… to put into practice.

Try this:

  • What is the last thing you KNEW God wanted you to do?
    • Did you do it? Tell the story in the comments about the good God accomplished in YOU as you obeyed.
    • Didn’t get to it yet? Get to it today!
  • What is the next thing God wants you to do?

Do a Discovery Bible Study with family or friends ( to listen to God, support one another as you do what he’s saying, and risk your comfort to share with others.

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  • Frank says:

    When we obey God and stay on his course he blesses our actions of obedience especially with gratitude and love for our heavenly Father. I can recall giving my 10% and it was all the money i had left i was maybe 19-20 at the time and i pu that $50 dollar bill in the offering plate and God made wonders happen.

  • Eva Raleigh says:

    God wanted me to help another family in need. I was able to get them groceries and diapers and it was just so rewarding to be able to help them. These young families opening their homes to foster children is just so touching and I was blessed to be able to help!
    I know he wants me to work on myself and I am trying. I know I need to be a better listener and let him have the wheel and drive.

  • Dzhane says:

    God wanted me to help another family in need and he bless me to be able to bless another them. After I drop the groceries off to the family I couldn’t help but feel so much joy and love. To see the family smile was the one of the best feelings ever.

    I am truly grateful he guided me to Canyon Ridge and What amazing things they have done for the community.

  • Linda Martinez says:

    I was laid off on April 17, 2020 and was indeed saddened and unsure what I was going to do with myself. God is asking me to be bold, get out of myself and look around my neighborhood for moments to shine God’s love. So, I made biscotti’s and placed them in a freshly painted bag, (Yes, I got out my little brushes and painted flowers. All girls love flowers) I just found out that this particular neighbor was alone due to a recent divorce. I called her and asked if I could come by with something. We both wanted to honor the 6ft mandate so I told her I would place the bag on her porch and I would text her when it was there. To my surprise, she was standing outside waiting for me. We were able to catch up and stand 6ft away all at the same time. Pretty impressive, huh? She later texted me and asked if we could have lunch after we were given the “okay”.

    Next, is another neighbor that I just contacted and will probably create something for her, just so we can connect.

    Lastly, I was walking around the neighborhood for some exercise when I saw two signs that said “2020 Graduate”. What an opportunity!!! I’ll let you know what God

    We were created to shine God’s light. He gave us a mind to think, to be creative and to act. Let’s be doers of the Word.

    Bye for now.

    Thank you God for allowing me to be your arms and feet.

    In Love,

  • Linda Ann Waggoner says:

    That’s so cool, Linda! You are using your time during this crisis to reach out to people who need encouragement!

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