God shapes us in relationship… with Him, and with his people.

Our schedule may look WAY different than just a few months ago, but finding a rhythm for connecting with God and his people is as important as ever.

We don’t need to wait for old rhythms to return.  God is doing new things in this season.  Let’s join in.

  • In the comments, post your top 2 ways you regularly connect with God AND your top 2 ways you connect with God’s people during quarantine.
  • Choose a new habit… ask friends for ideas or choose one you see in the comments and give it a try this week.
  • Find daily or weekly times you already spend with others to invite God in… the morning coffee, daily commute, meal prep, dinner time, etc…

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  • Frank says:

    Top two;

    bible talk i share verses with of about 50 members

    Prayer and quiet times are first and mandatory.

    • Tom Elliott says:

      Top two is my daily reading of the Bible in the morning and connecting with my mom and sister, who live in other states, after the 4 pm service. Plus an old small group that broke up years ago do to families moving out of state reconnected on Zoom, a blessing I really needed.

      New habit, purposely patronizing local businesses and while waiting for my order just engage with the person who is helping me.

      Random is the blessing of serving people in need.

    • Kim says:

      Top 2 with God: I enjoy times with God on walks anywhere outdoors. Listening to good music throughout the day leads to wonderful times of praise & worship.
      Top 2 with people: do group study plans & shared prayer with the Bible App and walks in small groups
      New habit: memorizing scripture. It’s been a long while since I made time for that.

    • Jeff says:

      This time has been remarkable for me to ask God many questions that I have always been reluctant to ask. More alone time with God lead me to finally shake free of inhibitions that restrained our previous conversations. I have grown way closer to God during the shutdown by taking advantage of the fewer distractions to create alone space with God.

      Volunteering at food banks during this season is a great way to stay connected with people and God, and engage your faith.

  • Donna says:

    We love the way Pastor Drew expresses his thoughts. Some of our relatives did a “zoom” first birthday party for a great-granddaughter that allowed us to share with our family 1000 mi. away. The birthday girl didn’t seem to mind as we all blew out our own cupcake with a candle after singing to her.

  • Hyla Winters says:

    Top 2 are my daily quiet times early in the morning. As God would have it, I am engaged with The Blue Book. Last week focused on time and this week on balance. His divine timing is perfect. My second is my attempt to email the ladies in my WOW group daily and arrange for us to meet together via Zoom during our regularly scheduled Thursday time slot.

    My family has requested and we are doing routine times with them on a daily or weekly basis. My Colorado family has joined me in Sunday service on Easter and again last week. That is a great joy. I have been able to worship with my California family via their church’s online service. Love, Love, Love it. I am hoping to start Discovery Bible Study with my 12 year old grandson in California this afternoon. Leaving my legacy for my family is what I feel God is calling me to do.

    PS – Looks as if Drew was able to get a hair cut. Might need to be hooked up with that arrangement if this goes on much longer.

    • Drew says:

      So good. Can’t wait to hear what unfolds with ur grandson. Legacy thinking… we’ll done Hyla!

      (Btw… no haircut, just lots of gel. Longer than ever!)

  • Denise says:

    Top Two ways of connecting with people:
    I have been scheduling walks with a different friend 5 days a week.
    It is refreshing to connect with friends I haven’t been in contact with for a while.

    My husband and I have been meeting with a couple that is brand new to Vegas, for Church at Home. We sit out on their porch and worship together!!

    It has been life giving to have these top two practices in this season of my life.

  • Ellena Hoffman says:

    Every morning, I either read the Bible or watch a minister on YouTube. Then, my husband, Chad, and I do a Bible study and pray. This weekend we are going to have a huge feast for no reason except to just celebrate God. We also Zoom with our family and have group text messages with them that we converse in randomly all day.

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