Problems aren’t always optional.  But growth is.

Here are 4 quarantine questions to grow into the new things God has in mind.

What have we lost that needs to stay lost?
What have we found that needs to stay found?
What is good for now, but we probably won’t keep after quarantine?
What do we need to welcome back into our lives as soon as it’s wise?

God didn’t make this season happen, but he can make it count!  So grab a few friends or your family and talk through things you would put in each category.

Simple Action Steps:

  • Divide a piece of paper into 4 parts and list 5-7 things for each of the 4 bold categories above.
  • Keep 4 cups on the counter with slips of paper and add new things as you discover them this week.
  • Put some things on paper and see if your friends or family (or spouse, if you dare)  can put them in the right cup.

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  • Curtis Templeton says:

    This is such a good idea!

    • Darlene Headley says:

      A week before the quarantine advisory, I recd a letter from a classmate who had organized our high school’s 50th reunion last September 2019. On it were pics of the gathering and a request for my current contact info. I prayed about it for a wk, and sent in the form. The following week I rec’d a contact list of all my classmates. I reached out to 2 of the gal pals that I’d known from 1st GRADE (64 yrs ago) and another BFF I met in high school. Since this pandemic, the high school BFF emails “thought for the day” inspirational msgs, and my grade school girlfriends and I chat and text several times a wk. In the midst of isolation and social distancing, God brought these 3 dear friends back into my life ! He is good ALL the time.

  • Jay Parsons says:

    Love it! Gonna suggest that our Life Group asks these 4 questions tomorrow night. Also, these are great conversation starters for our Faces & Places.

  • Michelle says:

    We are doing it. I just got the cups ready! I can’t wait to see what my family of five will say!

  • Drew Moore says:

    Take this up a level… consider lots of aspects of life… personal health (spiritual, Emotional, physical, mental health), vocational health, community investment, kingdom/Jesus impact.

  • Michelle says:

    These are seriously great questions while we are in this weird time, going to try it with my family today!

  • Suzie says:

    I will have to think about it and talk with our family.

  • Barrie Hansen says:

    I love it also! Our Canyon Ridge group of six ladies – who prior to Coronavirus have been meeting at my house – could definitely use these four
    quarantine questions to add to our ongoing communications which seem to be thriving stronger than ever! Thank you for being part of our continuing growth!

  • Denise says:

    Things to stay lost – the crazy traffic
    Things to stay found – quiet time to concentrate on what really counts, God, and what he is trying to tell us
    Things okay for now – not spending money on anything much more than food!
    Things to welcome back – going to church, seeing and hugging my family and friends

    • drew says:

      These are great! Keep going…

      My current favorite “good for now” is wiping every surface of every grocery store item! ready for that to go!

  • Jim says:

    stay lost? The hustle and bustle
    stay found? Working from home – i like it!
    good for now? Shopping less frequently
    welcome back into? all the kiddos in Kinder on Sunday

  • Tom Elliott says:

    Stay lost, traffic, political ads,

    Stay found, enjoying sharing Canyon Ridge withe my family. We all live in separate states, BUT I am soooooo looking forward to going back to church. Being more connected with Canyon Ridge during the week.

    Learning what I really need to live.

    I will welcomed back church services and worship, the gym (get there more often), sports on tv, being in public and sticking up a conversation with a stranger.

  • Christen says:

    I came across this late at night, but I think I’m going to use these questions during dinner tomorrow night with my family. I am big on writing things down…so I’ll write down our responses and keep them on the fridge so we can come back to the list (esp. 1 month or 2 down the road). Personally, I want to pray about them too…then listen.

  • Patricia Kelley. " Patti" says:

    My family and I have been group texting for weeks. Its really fun. We only did it once and awhile before and now we do it all the time. It makes me feel connected.

  • Hyla Winters says:

    Just shared these questions with my group from WOW. Great discussion.
    For me personally:
    Stay lost – the kitchen junk drawer and the stuff that’s gone from our closets
    Stay found – disinfectant cleaning, cooking meals throughout the week
    Good for now, probably won’t keep – Zoom, on line church (loved the Easter service but I’m an in person person)
    Welcome back – hugs and handshakes, hair dresser, pedicure, worship in person, Saturday morning breakfast date with hubby

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