Celebration is one of God’s greatest tools to help us through adversity.  Why? Check out the video.  And since the difference is in the doing, not just the knowing, here are some practical ideas for you to do it this week.

  • Start each morning making a list of 10 things you were thankful for from yesterday
  • Share 3 things you were thankful for during your evening meal (either with your family or via a zoom call with a loved one)
  • Tell someone in your family or neighborhood what you appreciate about them

What are some ways you celebrate?  Share your ideas below.

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  • Drew says:

    Glad you all made it. Can’t wait to hear from you!

    • G-Ma says:

      Thank you Jesus for Drew. Drew your message hit me deep in my heart and I need to let you and the world know what blessing my family and I are celebrating. I cannot thank God enough for All the Blessing and grace we have received and are receiving. First of all my husband, my daughter, my son and I are still working. Blessings to God. Second, we have been blessed with enough supplies to meet our needs. Blessing to God. Thirdly, I am blessed to be equipped to be able to help all six of my grand-children with their continued education. It is a blessing from God that I am able to help them as well as learning a few things myself. And lastly I will share what blessings and a miracle I got to witness yesterday.
      Being that the children are on spring break, usually we do something wonderful, like go camping or go traveling for a few days, but with the COVID we are not allowed to do the things we really love to do. Yesterday I wanted to give them something special, so I decided we could go on a road trip. I did not tell them where, I just said it was a surprise. We loaded up the cooler with drinks, snacks, food and got other things I thought we might need for a picnic. Away we went towards Beatty, NV. I knew there was an outside museum that not many people go. I did not tell the children. I wanted to keep it a surprise. Along the way we stopped at the alien truck stop, with gloves and mask for everyone, I took a picture of them and the poster board with aliens. They loved it. Then next I stopped at the Big Sand Dune. What a blast they had. Finally we arrived at Goldwell Open outside museum. What a blast of a time. While there, one of the grandson found a painted rock that someone placed there to share on facebook and or re-hide (they choose to re-hide).
      We went to the old Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery. The grandkids were moved by what they saw. Now this is where the miracle happened. One of the grandson was running and tripped over a rock and cut his palm in several places. At first he said he was fine, but being G-Ma and a CNA, I had to check him. It was bad. OH! I had forgotten the first aid kit. I didn’t tell him this (it is a good practice to not over-react in situations like this), I got a bottle of water, my baby wipes and the bottle of soap I had brought, (so we could wash our hands throughout the outing), after cleaning the wound and wiping away the tears, I went to look for a bandage. Knowing that I had forgotten the first-aid container, I would not have one on me. To my surprise when I opened the door to the truck, there on the floor was a lonely bandage big enough for his wounds. Sometimes the miracles are not alway large or even medium, most of the time they are small and mind blowing, because I know that that was from God. There is no way any other way would there be just what was needed except through the grace of God. Praise God, always. Pray always. Thank God alway. I’m so glad that God loves me. I’m so grateful that Jesus loves us and died on the cross for us.
      We ended our outing praising God, eating pizza, and singing songs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you and the world. Forever a servant for and of God.

    • Linda Willrich says:

      Pastor Drew-thank you for this message of hope. I’m celebrating all of our front line heroes in every essential business helping us get through this nightmare. In the words of Bill Gaither and his family-“Let’s just praise the Lord and lift our hands to Heaven.” Just the precious name of Jesus is worthy of our praise; let us bow our knees before him and our hands to heaven raise. So I’m also celebrating the love Jesus has for all of us. God bless you and your family and all of our Canyon Ridge Family.

    • Diana says:

      I am a nurse in a north west hospital in Las Vegas and it is very difficult to describe what nursing looks like today. Nearly all of us got into nursing because we care with our whole being, we can’t help it, sometimes to our own faults. We became nurses because we need to touch other humans that are broken, sick, and hurting, we do this with our hands. We hug, we gently place our hands on the hands of our patients, we brace them when they trying to regain their strength, we brush their hair out of their face because they are too weak, and we feed them when they can’t feed themselves. Because of COVID19, we can’t touch the people who need it most and it is killing us. We are trying to hold it together because we know our patients & families need us, but it’s really hard. Most of us won’t ask for help, but we could really use your encouragement and prayers to keep our families safe – one less thing to worry about.

  • Toni burns says:

    It’s always so uplifting to hear Drew and I look forward to it every day I am so tickled about the parade because as surprise should have it my daughter is giving my 16-year-old granddaughter the exact same thing on her birthday on Wednesday she will be sweet 16 I am sure that I’ll be getting a video of it and as soon as I get it I will post it may God Always have a hand in everything we do and he is good he is great and let’s celebrate that

  • Paulette Cawthon says:

    I am glad I am part of CRCC. I look forward to seeing, laughing,smiling and crying with all my Christian sisters and brothers . I still feel the love through the Holy Spirit and everyone on Facebook. I am thankful for all the pastors, elders and all the staff at CRCC who bring joy and love to all of us. I so look forward to seeing each and everyone of you in person. My prayer is for continued success in the healing of our church, city and nation. I pray for the unemployed that they will be back to work soon
    God loves us all and he is watching over us each and everyone of us everywhere and everyday. May God Blees us all💖🙏💖🙏

  • Shellie says:

    I want to say thank you Drew for giving us this opportunity to speak out and for all the church is doing for us during this time. Waneta and I have been so uplifted to still have church on Sunday. Our life group has been able to stay together through this time on Zoom. We are able to get together via zoom on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm just like we were going to our WOW group. This has been the biggest blessing to have the support and prayers from our sisters. We also really enjoyed Susan Fuller joining with us this last Tuesday during our WOW zoom chat. Our church is amazing and has really stepped up for us. We are stronger and managed to put aside most of the fear during this Pandemic. Thank you all stay safe and healthy. God bless you all and may he put his shield of protection around us all.

  • Lee Lovett says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

  • Tim Burks says:

    Great day Canyon Ridge
    As we go to the unknown in the changes that are affecting us from the coronavirus there are some things that are uncertain at this point. But a few things I found to celebrate are.

    Most and foremost a God that loves us that has given us the opportunity to take a step back be with our families and our loved ones with out any other interruptions jobs sports or any of the other things we may be idolizing in our lives.

    Secondly so I am a divorced father and have my children 50% of the time that time is more valuable and more precious to me than ever before. The time I get to spend with my children is a gift from God.

    Thirdly since I do have so much isolated time now do you are stay at home order here in Nevada I have chosen to do some things to better myself and have some fun at the same time. I’ve somehow found time to work out daily wow what a difference, I’ve also found a way to start taking some certification classes while away from work that may better my career but more importantly will better me, thirdly I’ve decided to start playing and practicing my guitar I am learning so many new things on it I’m getting better daily I know Eddie Van Halen but I’m still having fun.

    Enclosing thank you Lord for the isolation for the time I can spend with you in my small groups with Canyon Ridge learning more about you in your guided direction for me and all of us. Please Lord bless all of our days and all of our days to come in your sons name we pray amen.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am celebrating the Church today. .Although None of us are fully living the way the early church members did, but we can all move a step closer, and we start by Praying.
    So I am praying and celebrating this awesome Resurrection Week✝️🙌🏾🔯🕎
    May God bless CanyonRidge and all the people of God through out the World!

    Love you all,
    Elizabeth Mobley

    • Kelley Simonsen says:

      I am celebrating today because in the midst of this social distancing I am grateful for my church. I am thankful for Drew and your entire staff. In the midst of struggle I have shared things with Drew and Jimmy. I am celebrating because each time I share a struggle you take the time to pray for me no matter the issue. I am celebrating because I love my Celebrate recovery family. Being a veteran of the US Army it has been an asset in my life to stay encouraged in the word of God. I am celebrating my son and his accomplishments in college to be a Youth Pastor. You see in the midst of these hard times there is still joy in my life. I also love my life group the ladies in my group have become family. I came from Colorado almost 2 years ago alone only knowing a handful of people. Now God has brought me a church family that whether I know you or not I am enjoying meeting people and I look forward to meeting more people once we get to gather together again in person. I am grateful and I celebrate the prayers I had long before moving here that God lead me here. So there is plenty of reasons to celebrate today. Psalm 143:9-10 says “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” I believe that it is God’s will that I am here in Las Vegas for a reason and part of it is my life at Canyon Ridge. May God give everyone a reason to celebrate life in this time of hardship and struggle. May each of us take time to pray for others in the church. I celebrate today because I choose a name from our church online directory of someone I dont know at church and I am praying for that person.

    • Carole Bowers says:

      Amen Elizabeth!

  • Allen Slaughter says:

    Thank you Drew. I celebrate awesome friends who reach out, just because we have to practice distancing does not mean we have to be isolated.

  • Charlene Allnutt says:

    I am thankful for this fantastic idea! I love celebrations, I am thankful for the mercy we have received in Jesus. My family and I are healthy and able to help my parents stay out of the grocery store. 😉

  • Cynthia says:

    I celebrate the opportunity to connect with God through my BSF zoom class, an encouraging christian speaker through her weekly prayer calls and webinars, most of all this Passover week leading up to the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus!

  • Jasmine Roman says:

    I celebrate today…for the opportunity to be in HIS unfailing love. Be still and know I am God, is no longer just a verse I say. It’s a verse I have lived all just a few months from each other…divorce finalized, being laid off, then exhausting unemployment, then “the virus fun” the world shut down…BUT through it all He has been faithful for me to feed my daughters every day finding peace and joy and humility and love through the storms. I celebrate being able to sit at his feet and listen to his whispers that tell me..Follow me..”I calms storms” and “I know a land of milk and honey”..God is my friend we celebrate together for his people of this city but from nation to nation.

  • Tom Lobeck says:

    Celebrating for all the 1st res-ponders out there providing services for others, Celebrating God leading us through this time and knowing He is providing good things through this time of uncertainty & adversity, Celebrating that our family & friends are in good health, Celebrating the ability to communicate with our church family, family members & friends through social media and technology, Celebrating the love, joy, peace, & grace God provides us to share with others.

  • Curtis Templeton says:

    Great to see so many comments here!

  • Vicki says:

    I am celebrating in knowing that God is still in control and he is so faithful. I am also celebrating the people in Canyon Ridge who have stepped up to be the church at a time when it is so needed.

  • Denise says:

    I celebrate being a member of the CRCC family. The members I have met and those I continue to meet have been a blessing to me. I celebrate the fact that my family is healthy and I am able to make supply runs to my parents. I celebrate the Zoom conference I had with my WOW group this morning. It was so great to see everyone’s face! I celebrate the beautiful clouds in the sky today and the flowers blooming in my yard. How great God is. I also celebrate you, Pastor Drew, and all of the members of the CRCC team that are keeping us inspired, connected and strong. Thank you

  • Kris says:

    The Lord is blessing me each day with beautiful skies and nature outside my window. Each day I see quail (they are so hilarious with their little Dr. Seuss caps-God had fun creating them), sweet bunny rabbits hopping through my back yard, incandescent hummingbirds-green and pink, and geckos doing push-ups on my sunny back yard wall. God is good all the time. So many people are doing so much, trying so hard. So thankful for all folks on the front line. And grateful for a respite from our fast paced world. Thank you Jesus!

  • Deena Luat-Rondo says:

    I celebrate Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Lover of my Soul and Honorable Holy Spirit for the divine opportunity every morning to serve God. In thanking the Lord God for everything…”He gives me everything.” I celebrate with all of you, especially for the opportunity to be a a family member of Canyon Ridge Church and all who make it possible. I celebrate the ultimate hope that Jesus is shining through us all as we work together in serving and building God’s Kingdom. Thank you Lord God Almighty and thank you Pastor Drew and CRCC family!

  • Tom Elliott says:

    After losing two of the activities that I enjoyed the most, church services and the gym. I am celebrating the joys of watching church online with my ma in Oregon and my sister in California!! Instead of explaining why I love our church they get to see it. Plus I have discovered new trials and parks to walk at, replacing the gym for now.

    I am also celebrating the job that I was ready to leave, but didn’t.

  • Polly White-Johnson says:

    I celebrate the privilege of waking up in the morning knowing that God is still in control and is bringing so much beauty from our ashes. I celebrate my CRCC Family and the amazing actions they are taking to stay connected during this time. I celebrate the beautiful landscape of this valley and it’s surrounding mountains as I take walks. I celebrate our city where I would have never known there was so much goodness in absolutely so many people if it weren’t for COVID19. I celebrate the Life Groups that I have been able to be apart of and reach out to during this time, so many wonderful souls all seeking to just help others. I celebrate technology and it’s ability to continue allowing us to gather and see each other. I celebrate my job, even though we are closed, it has allowed me opportunities to meet so many amazing people in our city that I would have never been able to. I celebrate God in all His greatness.

  • Faithy Gregory says:

    I celebrate life… I celebrate love… I celebrate my God family… Most of all I am celebrate the fabulous on-line events that I can participate- I has been poor helth lass several year and rare abel attend service (I also no drive & live summerlin) so not easy for friens bring me church…
    I am so thrill for all amaze program that balance my ability to active engage with church things.. I am mourn why we must do it this style but thrill for me and my connection.. I hope my English words are express my heart meaning in no way am I glad for the tragedy…
    I has witness grace in the moss profound ways imagine… I believe crisis reveel character and the miracles that abound on me make me weep in joy bombs daily.. I call lowes last week… yes lowes lowes to ask about medical grab bars in stock as I wheelchair and paralyze leg.. I ask plumbing department if hold 3 for me untill nexx day so I cood go bank to deposit money- the answer was No… Jennifer in lowes say my nurse cood pick them up immediately and I cood pay over the phone when I has ability and money… Yes lowes… She do not know me nor has any reason to do this and obvious this is Not policy- THIS WAS GOD POLICY…
    I burst in happy tears and thank her… My CNA go customer service with zero issue and nexx day I call to pay… I am prayer warrior and do my best praying when I physically challenge middle of night pain cycle.. In seizure or extreme nerve flare up RSD … I was pray on how can I reech out for non believer to see if any prayer requests and I tell people I believe so borrow my Faith – I believe for both of us… I decide in this pandemic perhaps my contacts may has vulnerable spot and wood be open to share heart concerns… I has be reech out to people in my adress book from wow that has step away church or God… Book clubs.. Wine clubs.. Recipe clubs.. Medical offices.. Restaurant.. My bank.. Pharmacy.. HOA.. Supermarket staff.. Any one in my phone list.. Email list… I has be reech out for lass 3 week an I at the letter H- I has over 100 prayer request so I am make a log & list… To ask.. Check up and weekly touch in to say… Praying #yippeeyahweh… I use to has prayer wall where I wood write the answer on the prayers to see how God works… I has some still open affer 14 years but I pray ceaseless and in his time… It is brilliant to read the answers and see his majesty at work… I has do prayer walls and prayer logs for years and it helps me heal and shift from ick to praise… Focus off of me and onto Him for others or praise… I praise in the midst of angst to reset my heart… The Holy Spirit design this in me… So I obey.. I submit.. I celebrate how he equip me to be warrior in adversity… I celebrate how he help me when I am weak and the many options crcc has for me as I battle this alone lonely season as immunocompromise- so I pray as always… Ceaselessly and with fervor… #yippeeyahweh xoxo Faith

  • Bobbie Georgette says:

    So grateful for this mesaage

  • Tammy Myers says:

    I am celebrating this time of deeper reflection on God’s word and the immense privilege of sharing daily with two groups of ladies.

  • I celebrate technology that allows us to connect with family, friends and church. I celebrate much needed time with family at home playing and being creative. I celebrate teachers who are still working from home to bring us online schooling and curriculum.

  • Hyla Winters says:

    As I listened to the video and read through the comments, I reflected on the ways that I celebrate this day:
    1. My way to communicate with family and friends has found new avenues. At 70 years of age, never thought I would add Zoom videoconferencing to my skill set; but alas it has proven highly effective. My adult children requested routine and standing appointment communications with me, which I was happy to oblige. My daughter, who is a high school social studies teacher in California, stepped up and developed all sorts of guides for teachers, parents and children to use while navigating Google classrooms. Our son is a paramedic/firefighter in Colorado and he continues to evaluate, treat, and transport patients in his community with a smile and a kind word. My banana bread baking technique has also resulted in increased communication with neighbors and friends.
    2. During this Holy Week and with my increased availability of alone time, I was blessed to have vivid flashbacks to the trip to Israel I enjoy a couple of years ago. When reading the scripture of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsamene, I could see that garden, those olive trees and for this isolation I am eternally grateful.
    3. Celebrating the connectedness to CRCC. While we may not be together in the auditorium, we are together on social media and that is cause for celebration. As an extrovert, this is hard, but it’s also encouraging to see/hear and experience the Easter message even if technologically.

  • CJ says:

    Morning Drew and thank you for continuing to infuse the life bringing theme throughout each and every moment within CRCC.

    There are 2 moments that come to mind worthy of sharing. The first is a response to a nudge from the HolySpirit. A close neighbor called to tell us his wife ( Esther) passed away. After sharing how her health quickly declined and that he was allowed to be with her just prior to her death he mentioned that one day we would get together to toast her life. This was the nudge…An email was sent to our Niner gals ( know how you feel bout golf but we are actually a pretty swell group). Within 24 hour time period, this small group expanded within our community to the 18 hole gals, the women’s group, their husbands, our other neighbors. The next day 85 people gathered in the street ( social distancing in place) . All brought their own wine or non alcoholic drink and glass . We prayed, shared memories, and said goodbye to our friend.

    The other story is another golfing one. Prior to this recent decree from the governor, the golf course grounds crew were able to continue to work. Since these are not salary positions, many of these hard working folks are not receiving paychecks any longer. A neighbor suggested we get together and collect funds for grocery gift cards for them. We are currently in the process of doing so.

    CRCC is blessed by your leadership…thank you

  • Don says:

    First and foremost I have to say thank you to our Lord and Savior. Not very far behind that, i also need to say thank you to Drew and everyone else at Canyon Ridge.
    My wife and I moved here about a year and a half ago from the southern part of Denver to be near my 2 adult(?) kids, and much closer to Adele’s family. We found Canyon Ridge through a couple that had mover from Las Vegas to Denver several years before, and I can’t tell you how happy both of us are to be here.
    Since moving (something not really meant for senior citizens to do), we started coming to Canyon Ridge our second week in town. And what a great church we have been led to! We have found a place that genuinely welcomes us, and values us. We have found a church where we can serve. We have found a place where we can connect with a Life Group. A Life Group that had dwindled from 10-12 people down to just 6 because a couple has dreams of traveling nationwide, another couple got transferred to the East Coast, and a third couple just moved up to Idaho to be near near his family. Has this slowed us down? Not a bit. We still have our weekly meetings every week. Late last year the 6 of us got together and went to Lake Mead. We go out to dinner (or everyone comes to our house now that covid is here) on a regular basis. For a good part of the last year, I have met with one of the guys from our group to learn about a program called Mentoring His Way. This is a program that has taught me that before simply going out and talking to someone about Jesus, what I needed to do was to make a friend first! I finally finished the program just in time to be interrupted by the virus so my ability to get out and and see how this is going to work has been a bit hampered, but it has also given me time to sit back and think about that and other things that may bring an interest in others about our Lord.
    Has the world slowed everything down? Absolutely! But on the other hand, has God given me the opportunity to seek other avenues of other avenues to get me where I want to go? No doubt about it!! Is our God good? No, He is GREAT! So what if the world closed a door, He has more than opened another one!

  • Barbara Tripp says:

    I celebrate daily that God brought me through back surgery a few months ago and that I am now pain free & no longer having to have steroid injections and pain medication. My physical therapy involves lots of walking, so on my daily walks outside I celebrate God’s beauty that is all around me. I celebrate the fresh air, the chirping of the birds, the clouds, blue sky and mostly the quiet as I focus on God and all He has done in my life.. I celebrate that I have many friends near and far that I have been in contact with recently that I’ve not been in contact with for awhile. Also my life group has reached out & we have many great conversations & discussions after Drew’s messages. I celebrate the freedom I have to be able to belong and worship at Canyon Ridge, even from my home. I celebrate that I don’t feel “stuck” at home but that I have a home. God is so good and His Promises are true. That is the best celebration of all.

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