Succession Weekend - Oct. 6, 2018

We invited all campuses to join us on Saturday October 6th at our 4pm service for a special service at our Lone Mountain Campus as we welcomed Drew Moore into his new role as Lead Pastor.This was a unique and exciting service, it was different from our regular weekend services. We celebrated together what God is continually doing in the life of our church. Please watch the service highlights below.

The Future of Canyon Ridge’s Leadership

On August 9, 2017, during our Vision Night service, Senior Pastor Kevin Odor announced his 2-year succession plan which included the announcement of the next Senior Leader of Canyon Ridge Christian Church: Family and Teaching Pastor Drew Moore. Kevin shared with us his journey over the past few years along with the direction and guidance of our Elder leadership. In anticipation of some of the questions you may have, there are several videos from Vision Night and some FAQs here. We encourage you to watch these videos and read through the FAQs. We’ll continue to update this portion of our website over the next 2 years.

What is Kevin’s Succession plan?

Kevin has served faithfully as Senior Pastor of CRCC for 21 years. In those 21 years, CRCC has experienced tremendous growth, helped 1000’s take steps closer to Jesus and brought life to this city and the world. Over the next 2 years Kevin will be leading CRCC through this succession process, ultimately turning over the Lead Pastor role to Drew Moore. For more on the succession plan and vision, watch this video.

Who is Drew Moore?

Drew Moore, his wife Layne and their four children: Luke, Nina, Miles and Zeke, moved to Las Vegas just over 5 years ago. Since then he has served as Pastor to Family and Student Ministries, a teacher for our weekend services and a member of Canyon Ridge’s Lead Team. In addition to Drew’s responsibilities as a student pastor and teacher on weekends, over the past few years, Kevin and Drew have been sensitive to God’s leading, seeking His calling and direction for the future of Canyon Ridge. For more about Drew you can watch this video.


Watch the interview with Drew and Kevin below.

How can I be part of what God is doing?

Let’s all pray. Pray that Kevin and Drew and their families feel God’s protection and guidance these next 2 years. Pray that CRCC would be unified and energized as we step into this season together. And let’s pray and expect that God will continue to be faithful in leading our church forward this fall in all that this next season holds.

This next season promises to be one that will make an impact on our church and community. From the Bring Life fall series, our 25th anniversary next January and the launch of Canyon Ridge Providence, God is no doubt up to some big things. Let’s all be ready to serve together in anticipation of what’s to come!

For any other questions not addressed here, please feel free to email Executive Pastor, Mitch Harrison.